App Scan&Go

We developed a SCAN&GO e-commerce platform for autonomous markets. Access to them is done by scanning a QR located at the entrance that enables an electronic door to enter each store.


This application available for Android and iOS allows you to, once inside, make purchases by simply scanning product barcodes, and then paying online with your cell phone through different payment gateways (such as MercadoPago or Payway) without any need for interaction with people. The mobile app is multi-language, which allows it to be deployed into any market (not only local but also regional or European), and at the same time it is prepared to work with different payment gateways, which further facilitates the scalability of your business.


The platform also includes a backoffice, which gives administrators the following features:

● Warehouse and branches management

● Real time monitoring of people accessing to all branches

● Stock management, replenishment and supply of branches

● Price lists management

● Sales, stock and best-selling products reports


WordPress, PHP, Python
React Native CLI
MySQL, Google Cloud Platform